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  •  The Most Common Uses of a Treadmill 

    Many treadmills are used in the diagnosis of heart problems. This activity is very beneficial for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as it burns excess calories and improves blood vessel and heart function. Cardiologists use treadmills to screen for heart problems, and many have built-in sensors and monitors. Treadmills also provide convenient storage spaces, including book and water bottle holders. Here's a look at the most common uses of a treadmill.


    Before using a treadmill, make sure to prepare your workspace for it. A desk treadmill has a built-in desk, and it can be a great way to increase your productivity at work. Some models burn between 80 and 180 calories per hour at a moderate speed, which is more than enough to burn about 1,440 calories in a workday. The motor power of your treadmill is also important, as a higher-powered motor will enable you to perform heavier exercises.


    Before the invention of the modern treadmill, the most common use of treadmills was in prisons. They were used to recruit the next generation of hardened criminals. Poor kids were often sent to prisons as petty thieves, but they often returned with lock-picking skills and contacts. Prison administrators sought to avoid this, and the invention of the tapis de course allowed them to meet those goals. It also provided a means of separation and rehabilitation for the inmates.


    Treadmills can be confusing to use. You need to set a pace and choose the workout options. If you want to be creative, try a treadmill with a few different features. For example, a treadmill can be fitted with a built-in music player, or it can feature a book rack or a cup holder. Despite the numerous benefits of a treadmill, it's best to choose one with a warranty.

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